Friday, August 14, 2015

My New Doll... MyAG 29

I got a new doll yesterday. She is a MyAG 29. She has medium skin, brown eyes, layered brown hair and is a classic mold. I have really wanted Kanani for a long time. Kanani was going to be my first doll I got. But I went to the store to late and she was sold out. So, I have looked on eBay but she cost way to much for me. So, MyAG 29 is the closest thing I could get. She would be perfect if she was a Jess mold. I haven't deiced on a name for her yet. I'm thinking Leila, Kailia, or Aaliyah. I got the Bitty Baby Flutter & Fly Outfit for my nieces' Bitty Baby and decide to try it on her. I absolutely love it on her and plan on buying it for her to wear for Halloween.